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Sunday 9 February 2020
18:00Registration open
Welcome drink in the hotel lobby

Dinner afterwards on your own
Monday 10 February 2020
09:00 - 09:30Welcome

Danick Bionda • Secretary General, Micronarc

Prof. Dr. Volker Saile • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Raphaël Conz • Office for Economic Affairs, Canton of Vaud (SPEI)

09:30 - 10:15Invited Keynote on the Future of Micro-manufacturing I

Chair: Volker Saile, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfons Dehé
Director, Hahn-Schickard, Germany

A MEMS success story – success factors and can we repeat it?

10:15 - 10:45Coffee & Exhibition Visit
10:45 - 12:00Micro-manufacturing Applications I – Watchmaking

Chair: Philippe Fischer, FSRM

Michele Palmieri, Vice President Micro & Nano Systems Division, CSEM (Switzerland)
Advancing Micro and Nano-technologies for the watch industry and beyond

Laetitia Philippe, Empa (Switzerland)
Development of Innovative Watch springs Materials using State-of-the-Art electrochemical Additive Manufacturing

Olivier Desjeux, Consultant Strategy Technology (Switzerland)
Crypto-Watch A. Favre & Fils, Integrating blockchain technology inside a traditional mechanical watch

Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) - Lyncée Tec
Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) - LASEA

12:00 - 13:30Lunch in the hotel
13:30 - 15:00Micro-manufacturing Applications II – Medtech

Chair: Erol Harvey, Bionics Institute

Prof. Oliver Paul, IMTEK (Germany)
MEMS Technologies for Optogenetics in the Heart, Ear, and Brain

Prof. Danilo Demarchi, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
Bio-Inspired Smart Systems for Robotics and Biomedical Engineering: humanoid robots and robotized humans.

Prof. Pavel Levkin, Biofunctional Materials Systems, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) (Germany)
Designing new functional materials through the combination of orthogonal properties

Dr. Pietro Bernasconi, R&D Engineer, Solutions Division, FEMTOprint SA (Switzerland)
3D Micro-Printing: A new Era for Med-Tech Applications

Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) - IcoFlex Sarl
Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) - Amplitude Laser
15:00 - 15:30Coffee & Exhibition Visit
15:30 - 17:15SENSORS

Chair: Sebastian Gautsch, EPFL

Benedetto Vigna, President, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group, ST Microelectronics (Switzerland/Italy)
What is the real driving force behind Internet of Things?

Markus Graf, Director R&D, Sensirion (Switzerland)
Smart Environmental Sensor Systems for a Digital and Sustainable World

Frederic Loizeau, CSEM (Switzerland)
Plastic antibodies – how to minic one of nature’s best chemical sensors?

Markus Ulm, Chief Technical Officer, Bosch Sensortec GmbH (Germany)
Evolution and Role of Software in Sensors

Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) - COAT-X
Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) - HYBRID
Elevator pitch (3 min) - EPFL INDUSTRY DAY

17:15Adjourn for the day

19:00Conference Dinner ~ Meet in hotel lobby at 19:00

19:30Departure of private train to Restaurant du Col de Bretaye
20:00 Aperitif at Restaurant
20:30Swiss Traditional Meal
Micronarc draw for Prizes (including Tissot T-Touch watch)
23:00 (approximately)Departure of Train for Villars, arrival at hotel at approximately 23:30.
Tuesday 11 February 2020
09:00 - 09:45Invited Keynote on the Future of Micro-manufacturing II

Chair: Danick Bionda, Micronarc

Prof. Dr. Manfred Kohl, Institute of Microstructure Technology, KIT (Germany)

Shape memory microactuators: The route from material science to smart device applications

09:45 - 10:30Coffee & Exhibition Visit
10:30 - 12:15Novel Manufacturing

Chair: Prof. Volker Saile, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr. Jasmin Aghassi-Hagmann, Institute of Nanotechnology, KIT, Karlsruhe and Offenburg University (Germany)
Inkjet printed electronic devices and circuits

Alain Reiser, Laboratory for Nanometallurgy, Department of Materials, ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
Additive micro-manufacturing of metals and its materials challenges – microstructure, properties and novel multi-material electrochemical concepts.

Dr.-Ing. Marc Christopher Wurz, Institute for Microproduction Technology, Leibniz Universitaet Hannover (Germany)
New production approaches for microsystems using the example of injection-molded wafers and flexible substrates

Dr. Joachim Schulz, Managing Director, microworks GmbH (Germany)
Grating interferometry - New Modalities for the X-Ray inspection of Additively Manufactured Parts

Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) - Gloor Instruments

12:15 - 14:00Lunch in the hotel
14:00 - 14:45Invited Keynote on the Future of Micro-manufacturing III

Chair: Prof. Volker Saile, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Erol Harvey, Head Strategy and Translation, Bionics Institute (Australia)

Design and micro-manufacturing of human neurobionics for hearing, vision, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, diabetes and more.

14:45 - 15:00Final Remarks
15:00Conference adjourns
Farewell reception in hotel lobby