Company Name: BERGEON SA

BERGEON, a manufacturer of professional tools and equipment, has been working with watch brands and service centers for over 230 years.

Leading company on the market, it offers the most comprehensive range of watchmaking tools in the sector: from screwdrivers to complete watchmakers’ workbenches.

Constantly attentive to the needs of its customers, the company offers innovations of products always more efficient and qualitative.

BERGEON now masters its industrial processes and the technological know-how required to design and manufacture its tools within its factory.

The integration of its various historical production sites has made it possible to concentrate high-performance equipment and more than a century of know-how under the same roof. Complete control of the production chain guarantees the constant quality of its products.

A leader in the professional watchmaking and jewelry market, BERGEON has always appealed to lovers of technique, quality of execution and precision.

Contact Person:

M. Vladimir Zennaro, CEO

M. Mokdade Bahi, Area Technical Sales Manager


Allée des défricheurs 4a
2300 La Chaux de Fonds